"Satisfy Any" in cupsd.conf

Kev Latimer kev at kevnet.org.uk
Thu May 1 01:53:26 PDT 2008

> > Kev Latimer wrote:
> I've pulled down the 1.2 Debian source to see if I can modify my version similar to the 2782 patch, but can't find any code that looks like that in ipp.c.  Obviously, the correct answer is to download the latest vanilla source and compile, but I'm obviously keen to stick with my distros packages where possible - I've a lot of servers I'd have to build and test this on!

Ignore that bit of stupidity - I was looking in the wrong ipp.c file.  I've also just pulled down the 1.3.7 Debian sources from Lenny and I'm trying a build against that, with the mentioned patch.

Still curious about the rest of the post though ;-)



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