Set allowed users makes printer invisible

John A. Murdie john at
Thu May 1 02:58:12 PDT 2008

> Michael R Sweet wrote:
> > Here's an odd problem - which I haven't perhaps characterised enough to report as a bug. When one sets an 'Allow these users to print' list (e.g. "john at SITE.AC.UK,lucy at SITE.AC.UK") for a printer in CUPS 1.3.7 operated with 'AuthType Negotiate', with patches for bugs 2748, 2749, 2782 and 2783, the printer is lost from the web list of printers. It is reported as non-existent for printing, though it is recorded in printers.conf with the above users each given an "AllowUser" line.
> > ...
> This is expected - if you want the web interface to reflect the
> printers supported by particular users, you need to authenticate all
> web access...

The printers are invisible even to those whose user names on the 'Allow these users to print' list, which caused some consternation here. Nevertheless, these users could still print whereas others (correctly) could not. Wouldn't it be better just to show reserved printers to all on the 'Printers' web page? I don't think I understand your reply above.

John A. Murdie

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