How to use old 'lp' command options in CUPS?

Dan descherm at
Thu May 1 11:14:27 PDT 2008

We recently upgraded an enterprise server from RHAS2.1 to RHEL5 and as such, went from using lp/lpr/lpc/etc. to CUPS.  A couple devices we had setup were Savin/Ricoh copiers/printers and used the UNIX Ricoh driver.  In this setup, printcap.local files were configured and the drivers allowed use of many printer options via lpr (i.e. if we wanted portrait duplex, 16.5 CPI and stapled, we issued the command

lpr -P<printer_name> -Zduplex=long -Zcpi16.5 -Zoutbin=shift -Zstaple=lsportrait <file_name>

Is it possible to enable similar 'options' functionality using CUPS?  RHEL5 provides native pxl and ps for the printer, but I find now way to send options specific to a print job.  Also, the CUPS options aren't as complete as the LPR options appear to be.

Finally, there is a Ricoh driver install available, but the README indicates that CUPS must be removed and LRP installed.  I'm not sure I want to do this.

Any help is much appreciated!

~ Dan

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