Printer installation problems

Thomas K├╝stermann t.kuestermann at
Mon May 5 05:27:48 PDT 2008


We've got problems in installing and using several HP printers (network printers) on Windows XP (SP2). The printers are provided by CUPS (1.3.7). The problem appears as follows:
If I install a printer with the according driver shipped with the windows xp installation, everything (including printing) works fine. If I install the printer with the original HP driver (PostScript) from, the application used to print out a document crashes. The document itself is not printed out.

What I can say at the moment:
- My network sniffer (wireshark) tells me that it needs lots of 'get-printer-attributes' IPP requests before the driver/printer is beeing installed (the 'add printer wizard' seems to hang for a while).
- The printer properties can be opened and displayed successfully after installation
- A testpage is not printed out - 'explorer.exe' crashes
- The described problem is reproducible on all xp clients

What could be reason for that behaviour?

Thank in advance for each hint,
 - Thomas

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