[cups.general] Easy resubmit for jobs after printing problems?

Felix Schwarz felix.schwarz at oss.schwarz.eu
Mon May 5 07:07:29 PDT 2008


every few days, a batch process sends many print jobs to my printer. Sometimes 
there is a problem with the printer like crumpled paper or just missing toner 
so that the prints need to be printed again.

Because its a batch job its quite tedious for me to detect which documents 
need to be reprinted (have to go through my app's log output, copy job 
numbers, get the data, view the pdf, push print and I even have be careful 
that I select the correct tray for every document).

I think many others face this situation, too. My initial idea is to have a 
central print log where all jobs are listed with some check boxes besides so 
that I only have to check them and the same document is printed again (with 
the same setting as the original like tray selection etc).

Is there an application out there which does that? Does cups include something 
like that already? Is there another more elegant way to solve the problem?

Thank you very much :-)

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