[cups.general] Postscript Forms overlay Problem

Silvio Ferreira Mendes mendes.silvio at ig.com.br
Mon May 5 19:46:51 PDT 2008

Hi, maybe you can help me. My CUPS system has some printers with postscript
driver installed. Jobs are printed without problems .

But I send postscript jobs with forms overlay feature this not happed.

First I send the postscript form overlay (in this situation form overlay
stay on printer memory)

Second I send postscript data ( in this case data are mixed with form

Printing direct to printer these steps above works perfectly, not to CUPS.
Jobs are sent to server queue but they not printed. Printer led turn on,
making some noise and sundelly stop. I realized when I sent first job (form
overlay) this form does not stay in printer memory.

I saw in CUPS log and no error is recorded.

CUPS version = 1.3.7
S.O. = openSuse 10.3
Printers = HP Laserjet 4000 (postscript Driver)
               Kyocera FS-3830N (Postscript Available)
               HP Laserjet 4050 (Postscript Driver)
Maybe the examples below can illustrate better.


$ lpr -S printer-IP -P printer-QUEUE  mask.ps
$ lpr -S printer-IP -P printer-QUEUE  data.ps

Do not work :

$ lpr -S server-IP -P server-QUEUE  mask.ps
$ lpr -S server-IP -P server-QUEUE  data.ps


Silvio Mendes
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