[cups.general] spooler queue stops by themselve

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Our solution was to place a cron job that checks every ten minutes and restarts any queues that have been brought down by that very process of printers being turned off by the user.

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if a printer is swiched off, after a period of time the spooler will shut down the queue.


 [Job 424] Unable to locate printer 'fooprn'!
 PID 7148 (/q60/cups/lib/cups/backend/ipp) stopped with status 4!
 Hint: Try setting the LogLevel to "debug" to find out more.
 [Job 424] Backend returned status 4 (stop printer)
 Saving printers.conf...

lpstat -p
 printer fooprn disabled since Wed 07 May 2008 03:31:06 PM CEST -
        Unable to locate printer 'fooprn'!

Users switch off printers when a paper jam occur or they change the toner. Restart the queue is an administative task. I will not get a phone call each time a printer is offline. Can I configure cups 1.3.7 that the queue not shuts down, similar like the behavior in 1.1.22 is.

I found only workarounds like the following script, which should be executed by cron:

 /bin/lpstat -p |grep -w disabled |while read d p r; do /sbin/cupsenable $p; done

I set the following parameters


 JobRetryinterval 30
 JobRetryLimit 9999
 ErrorPolicy retry-job

This have only an influence on current printed jobs. The queue is not stopped while a job is in processing. If the printer is switched off the backend waits until the printer goes online. The job will go to status completed while it is not printed completely or reprinted.


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