[cups.general] spooler queue stops by themselve

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Thu May 8 07:17:59 PDT 2008


On May 7 10:11 Jo Hobbit wrote (shortened):
> if a printer is swiched off, after a period of time
> the spooler will shut down the queue.
> error_log:
>  [Job 424] Unable to locate printer 'fooprn'!
>  PID 7148 (/q60/cups/lib/cups/backend/ipp) stopped with status 4!

I.e. you use the IPP protocol to talk to a network printer.
and try to use a recommended protocol (if possibly for
your particular network printer).

>  ErrorPolicy retry-job

See "man backend" why an ErrorPolicy setting doesn't help
if the backend explicitely requests the cupsd to stop the queue.

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