[cups.general] CUPS in Pure Networked Environment

henri henri at stmargarets.school.nz
Sun May 11 16:23:19 PDT 2008

In addition to the points covered by Norm, you may also be interested  
in PrinterSetup. It is an open source system designed to assist with  
the management of CUPS print queues.

PrinterSetup provides various ways to deploy and manage CUPS print  

Details are available from the following URL :

> I work in an environment that contains only networked printers and  
> we push  the printers.conf out via NIS maps.  I've been told that I  
> need to install CUPS on our UNIX servers but I'm wondering how using  
> CUPS in this environment will make life easier.
> Does CUPS eliminate the need of having a centralized print server by  
> allowing each server to discover printers (if configured to do so,  
> of course) or can we establish a print server or two to which all  
> other servers point (using CUPS)?

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