Printing a postscript file is slower thanprinting a pdf file

Sebastian Krysmanski infomail at
Wed May 14 23:36:35 PDT 2008

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> Finally, if you decide to purchase some more of these printers, would
> you kindly check whether the new machine correctly reports the IP
> address attained from DHCP when you first attach the printer to the
> network. When we attach the newer Kyocera printers to our network they
> report their IP address as Once you visit the printers web
> page with a browser (using the IP address extracted from the DHCP
> logs) the printer will then report the correct address. Again, we have
> mentioned this issue to Kyocera and we are still waiting for a reply
> as to why this may be happening. We are using a Mac OS X 10.4 server
> for DHCP on our site and all other devices are receiving IP addresses
> as are these printers. They are simply not reporting the address.
> Good luck and let us know how you work this issue out.

Thanks for your response. But my printer is connected directly (via USB) to my server and not via Ethernet. So, unfortunately, I can't help you with this topic.

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