driver files

Pippo Lacoca futhwo at
Thu May 15 04:22:01 PDT 2008

> I have a working cups printer, and i'm trying to setup Point'N Print, i've
> read through as much documentation as possible, but there's a few things I
> don't understand:
> - I guess cupsaddsmb can now do most of the work to add the drivers to the
> print$ share, which is excellent.  Its just the step prior to that which
> seems less clear.
> - What is the cups-samba.tar.gz file actually for?  I see far too few files
> for it to be windows printer drivers for all popular printers.  Could this
> be just the mechanism cups has to with with samba for printing?
> - Just like cups comes with PPD files for many different printers, with the
> recommendation to use a vendor supplied PPD instead, if you have one.  Where
> should someone get the windows printer drivers from, for use with cups.
>  I have cups 1.2.4, on RHEL5.1 (cups-1.2.4-11.14.el5),  no need to support
> older win clients, no other special requirements, just to get print working
> the easiest way.  The samba shares are already setup, but I can't actually
> add a driver FROM the client, the "new driver" button is dimmed, so using
> this method is out.
> Thanks very much for any help,

The files in the cups-samba package will be "united" (by cupsaddsmb) to the printer PPD in the ppd directory of cups to produce the windows driver. So as long as you define a priter in cups with his right ppd, using cupsaddsmb will produce a sort of printer specific driver for the windows client to download.

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