[cups.general] Sending PS instead of PDF from an OSX client

henri henri at stmargarets.school.nz
Thu May 15 15:31:06 PDT 2008

You may wish to look at using PrinterSetup to deploy the print queues  
to your clients. It will allow you to control the protocol they use to  
connect to the server as well as various other queue options.

There is a screencast online about how you can use PrinterSetup to  
deploy printer queues using Apple installer packages.

PrinterSetup home page, where you can download from :

PrinterSetup ScreenCasts web page :

Keep in mind that if you would like to update these queues in the  
future, then you may want to edit the example script which sets up the  
printers located within the example OSX_PACKAGE deployment directory.  
This is not explained in any of the the current screencasts.  
Basically, the newer version of PrinterSetup allow you to tag a queue  
as managed. Then when you need to add or remove queues which you are  
managing you can do this without affecting any of the other queues on  
the machine.

With regards the page orientation, the PrintingWorks VMware image has  
some fixes for correctly rotating these pages which are sent from Mac  
OS X assuming you have the problem which I have seen.

Hope this helps.

> I am not sure if it is the better place to ask it, anyway i'd like  
> to know if it is possible to tell an OSX client using a remote  
> browsed printer from an UNIX CUPS server to send PS instead of PDF  
> to the server.
> We are having some issues with pdftops on the cups server (badly  
> orientated pages, printer interpreter elaborating forever and so on)  
> and those problems never rise when the stream coming to the cups  
> server is postscript one (i.e. windows clients or printer directly  
> connected to OSX cups via ipp).

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