[cups.general] CUPS reference installations with *lots* of printers / CUPS cluster?

Gerard.Jensen at info-ag.de Gerard.Jensen at info-ag.de
Fri May 16 02:30:56 PDT 2008

Hi there,

I have a customer that is pondering about using CUPS as their printing 
system, but has some worries about the size of his installation and how 
CUPS would cope (especially performancewise).

He wants to connect multiple hundreds of printers at numerous remote 
locations (all connected by VPNs) to a central CUPS cluster, to be used by 
several thousands of users yet to be centrally administered from just one 
location. Sounds like a perfect fit for CUPS, especially as the clustering 
part is so easy to configure.

I've been searching up and down but seem to be unable to find similar 
sized installations anywhere - although I'm pretty sure that environments 
such as those of a university should actually be pretty much similar: 
loads of users, loads of printers, but perhaps not that many remote 
locations. But where to find these?

The "common CUPS environment" seems to be much smaller, with perhaps a 
handfull of printers, a couple of CUPS servers and some dozends of users 
though - so am I trying to spot something that doesn't yet exist?

If what I'm looking for *does* exist: how does CUPS scale here, especially 
under heavy load from lots of users? So far I don't seem to be able to 
spot any sort of "best practices" paper for such a CUPS cluster 
configuration - anyone got an idea where I can look?

Your thoughts and suggestions on this are highly appreciated, thanks!

Kind regards


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