Sending PS instead of PDF from an OSX client

Pippo Lacoca futhwo at
Fri May 16 06:21:03 PDT 2008

> You may wish to look at using PrinterSetup to deploy the print queues
> to your clients. It will allow you to control the protocol they use to
> connect to the server as well as various other queue options.
> There is a screencast online about how you can use PrinterSetup to
> deploy printer queues using Apple installer packages.
> PrinterSetup home page, where you can download from :
> PrinterSetup ScreenCasts web page :
> Keep in mind that if you would like to update these queues in the
> future, then you may want to edit the example script which sets up the
> printers located within the example OSX_PACKAGE deployment directory.
> This is not explained in any of the the current screencasts.
> Basically, the newer version of PrinterSetup allow you to tag a queue
> as managed. Then when you need to add or remove queues which you are
> managing you can do this without affecting any of the other queues on
> the machine.
> With regards the page orientation, the PrintingWorks VMware image has
> some fixes for correctly rotating these pages which are sent from Mac
> OS X assuming you have the problem which I have seen.
> Hope this helps.

I crown you my saviour....
With this i can easily and fast deploy cups-lpd queues (whose pdftops processing is local and works perfectly) minimizing the impact for the help-desk guys.

Thanks a lot!

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