[cups.general] not printig if banner is set

Mester mester at freemail.hu
Sun May 18 07:56:08 PDT 2008


we moved our file server to a new machine. On this machine we have 
Debian 4.0 (on the old machine we used Fedora Core 5) and CUPS 1.2.7. I 
have installed all our printers under CUPS and the CUPS test page prints 

I shared the printers with Samba 3.0.24 for one of them (HP LaserJet 
2100M) I also installed the Windows XP driver on the server. Now my 
proble is: if I set any banner as start banner and I try to print to 
this printer from WindowsXP I only got the banner page and nothing else. 
If I set the start banner to none then I can print anything from the XP 
client. I also tried to set end banner but nothing came out from the 
printer after the XP job.

So what should I try to set to be able to print the banner page and the 
document too?

Attila Mesterhazy

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