[cups.general] Slackware 12.1 (as root) and CUPS

Gerard.Jensen at info-ag.de Gerard.Jensen at info-ag.de
Mon May 19 03:30:02 PDT 2008


> For a number of reasons, I am running Slackware 12.1 as root.  My 
> CUPS setup is correct but passing the print job to my printer is 
> denied because I am not part of the "lp"
> group. How can I get  CUPS to allow print requests to go to the 
> printer as root?

Working permanently as root? Hm. There may be better ideas, but hey - each 
to his own...

have a look at your cupsd-config. Check "User lp" and "Group lp" settings 
as well as the "RunAsUser" entry (defines the user and group cupsd runs 
under), and check your "SystemGroup" entry (specifies the group that may 
administrate CUPS) - that may be set as "lp" but can of course also be set 
to "root". 

Also have a look at the "AuthGroupName" setting (defines the group of 
users that can use the web interface) - in my default setup, that is set 
to "sys" while the "SystemGroup" has not been set, so in order to get to 
the admin interface, a user has to be member of the "sys" group instead. 
You may want to change that as well.

> Marv

Kind regards

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