Laserjet 5SiNX problems

andreas moroder andreas.moroder at
Tue May 20 02:26:01 PDT 2008


we have cups working together with samba and the cups windows client.

I set up our Laserjet 5SiNX printer ( has no postscript )

When I choose "Laserjet 5 Si Foomatic/lj5gray" as modell and print from windows, then printers seams to work but after 10 seconds on the display appears "ready" and nothing is printed.

When I choose "Laserjet 5 Si Foomatic/ljet4" then printing works but duplex printing does not work. The document comes out on two pages even if I did set Double-Sided Printing "flip on long page" in cups and did also choose duplex printing in windows.

Can anyone help me please ?


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