Server to Server...

Ruben Ruben_Suarez at
Wed May 21 08:59:13 PDT 2008

I have two cups servers set up so that the application on server1 uses the print queues on server1 which are pointing to server2 ipp printers.  My question is how do I set up the drivers for each of the servers.  On server1, I had the Laserjet drivers as well as on Server2.  This setup began giving me issues so I changed the driver on Server1 to RAW and kept the LaserJet driver on Server2.  Is this correct?

BTW, the issue was on server1, and basically he was trying to build the file to print on /var/cups/tmp and somehow the file would go over the 2GB limit and eventually be discarded.  I was using the LJ 4350(Recommended).



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