Is CUPS supported in AIX?

Michael Sweet mike at
Mon May 26 06:37:20 PDT 2008

nivi wrote:
> Hi,
> In this site, it is said CUPS 1.1.9 adds support for AIX, adds several performance improvements to the scheduler, adds support for the Apache Include directive, adds new HideImplicitMembers and ImplicitAnyClasses directives, stores user-defined options as differences from the system-defined options, adds a "natural-scaling" option for printing images, and fixes a number of small bugs. Binaries for several platforms are available."
> but in AIX site, CUPS support is not mentioned.
> so can anybody tell me whether there is support for CUPS on AIX?

AFAIK, IBM does not officially support (or use) CUPS on AIX.

The changes in CUPS 1.1.9 merely added the necessary code to compile
and run CUPS on AIX.

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