Supress Form Feed

Chirag Gandhi cgandhi1978 at
Mon May 26 22:56:37 PDT 2008

Hi there,

I am using CUPS 1.2.4 on a RHEL 5.0 x86_64.

My problem is that every time a print job is sent through to a RAW printer, be it System V Printer or otherwise, the printer always form feeds at the end of each print job.  This is not a big deal for laser printers.  However, this behaviour is less than ideal for tractor fed continuous roll paper.  I have been just about everywhere on the net searching for form feed supression and am always led back to printcap or System V filters.  I don't know if it is by design, but settings within printcap do not even seem to affect the print jobs.  That leaves me with System V filters.  My filter was very basic...

cat $*

Even that caused a form feed.  Any ideas?


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