[cups.general] dosemu, lpr and esc/p 2

Lucio Crusca lucio at sulweb.org
Tue May 27 10:07:41 PDT 2008

Hello *,

I'm using an old DOS application into dosemu. This app sends ESC/P 2 codes
to LPT1: and dosemu takes the stream and feeds it to the lpr command
(Debian Etch/i386, package cupsys-bsd).

The host where dosemu runs has a printer configured in CUPS and this printer
is shared by a CUPS server in the LAN. It's a HP5440 inkjet printer. I'm
not expecting that printer to understand ESC/P 2 codes, but, before going
to buy an Epson printer, I wonder if the whole thing has a chance to
work... is it possible to pass ESC/P 2 codes untouched from the DOS app to
the printer with this network setup? How?

Or, alternatively, is there a ESC/P 2 -> HPwhatever filter?

Thanks in advance,

Virtual Bit di Lucio Crusca
via Isonzo, 5 - 10069 Villar Perosa (TO) - Italy

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