Spool scanning intervall

Bertram Scharpf lists at bertram-scharpf.de
Tue May 27 12:56:43 PDT 2008


after an upgrade to CUPS 1.3.7 (Gentoo), on a large amount of
print jobs, the printer pauses after every three pages.

I detected that the backend for each job gets started
every 5 seconds:

# grep Started /var/log/cups/error_log
I [27/May/2008:18:25:10 +0200] [Job 51243] Started backend ...
I [27/May/2008:18:25:15 +0200] [Job 51244] Started backend ...
I [27/May/2008:18:25:20 +0200] [Job 51245] Started backend ...
I [27/May/2008:18:25:25 +0200] [Job 51246] Started backend ...

I cannot find the configuration parameter where this interval could be shortened. Could anyone give me a hint?

Thanks in advance,


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