Broken PS files and universal options

Beat Wolf asraniel at
Fri May 30 07:02:45 PDT 2008


i have a application that generates postscript files using pstopfg, psnup, psselect, gs, etc. When i try to print one of those ps files using lpr, then i can't get all options to pass, or better, no printer option passes.
But i found out that they work on certain printers, and on some they don't.
What i'm looking for is a way to fix my ps files, so that cups can use all printer options i want.

The second thing i'm searching is, a universal way to activate duplex printing, and or grayscale, without having to find out the right options for each printer, because i want my application to be as universal as possible.

Is anything of this possible?

Thank you very much

Beat Wolf

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