Print by InpoutSlot tray4

hamer hamer66 at
Fri May 30 10:05:27 PDT 2008

Hello !  :)

I have installed Cups on my Debian's server and it's working very well.
Now i try to install cups on a new server with RedHat Entreprise 3 and i have a problem with the InpoutSlot option.

I explain me, i try to print on my Ricoh afficio 3025, it had 4 tray. I ca n configure it in web cups administration and when i lunch a test print with tray 2 or 4 selected is OK. But when i try print file in command line : lpr -o InputSlot=4Tray /tmp/Mytestfile.txt
the result of printing is always in tray 3.

When i list lpoption of my printer, i can read the option :

lpoptions -l
Option3BypassTray/Bypass Tray: *False True
Option1OptionTray/Option Tray: None 1Cassette *2Cassette
ColorModel/Color Mode: *Grayscale
PageSize/PageSize: A3 *A4 Letter 11x17
InputSlot/InputSlot: MultiTray 1Tray 2Tray 3Tray *4Tray Auto

If you have any idea,

thanks :)

ps: sorry for my english

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