Shared printer: Who & What Print?

Salvatore Baglieri salvatore.baglieri at
Sat May 31 08:47:46 PDT 2008

Hi *,
A customer asked me a way to log what users print.

Use case:
X desktop users (Windows) -> Print
Y desktop user (Windows) -> Check

X print a document, his PC asks him an username and a passwrd and send the spool to the printer.

Y wants a web interface with a log:
datetime - user - printed_pdf.

Do i need of a server with cups?? Are there printers with all this system embedded?

My idea is a virtual printer (as the PDFs one):
1. ask username
2. query on SQL db
3. send the spool to the cups server

Is there something in java? I did something like this as fax sender.

A friend of mine told me that I can build this using few bash commands. Is it possible?

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