[cups.bugs] OpenPrinting has a bug and feature tracking system now!

Till Kamppeter till.kamppeter at gmail.com
Tue May 20 05:43:12 PDT 2008


OpenPrinting has a Bugzilla-based bug/feature tracking system now. This
way we will assure that bug reports and feature requests do not get
forgotten under tons of postings on the forum or on mailing lists. In
the system all bug reports get registered with priority, state, package
they affect, they can get assigned to the developer who is supposed to
fix it, ...

So if you think something is going wrong with Foomatic, the
OpenPrinting, database, the web site, or anything else coming from
OpenPrinting, please do not post on the forum, nor on any mailing list.
Post on our new bug tracker [1], under the product "OpenPrinting". This
way your problem will not get forgotten. Please report also feature
requests here.

Please do not report small issues (like typos) on Wiki pages, you can
fix them by yourself. Also do not report missing printer models in the
database. Please add them via the printer input form [2]. We are
currently developing a facility to let user-contributed printer entries
get more quickly into the Foomatic database [3].

See all current open bug reports and feature requests concerning
OpenPrinting here [4].

So if you find a bug which is related on something which comes from 
OpenPrinting, like foomatic-rip, PPDs from the OpenPrinting site, beh, 
OpenPrinting database entries, ... do not post an STR at cups.org, but 
post your report on our new system. Take into account that the printer 
drivers and Ghostscript are not developed and maintained by 
OpenPrinting, they have their own bug tracking systems on the 
appropriate web sites.



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