CUPS driver program

Dmitry Sharov dsharov at
Wed May 28 03:30:54 PDT 2008

Hi CUPS dev team,

Could you please help me to find out how can I correctly report from CUPS driver program a PPD file which supports multiple models?

According to man cups-driverd, driver program should report each PPD supported one per line in the following format:
"drivername:ppdname" language "make" "make and model" "1284 device id"
where "make and model"is the *NickName from the corresponding PPD file.

I guess I just need to additionally output a line per product supported with "make and model" replaced with corresponding *Product from PPD.
Is that correct?
If yes, should *Product value be reported as is, i.e. enclosed in parentheses, or should I strip parentheses out?
Is there a requirement for "drivername:ppdname" to be reported only once (to be unique among PPD names reported)?
I also assume that it will be enough to report just 'en' language for globalized PPD files, is that correct too?

Thanks, Dima.

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