Only one copy when printing with samba

Johan Bengtsson elijah at
Tue Nov 27 06:47:26 PST 2012


One of our printers, a Xerox Phaser 5550 DT, will refuse to print more than 
one copy of a print job when printing from Windows through Samba on our CUPS 
print server. 

It works like it should from Linux, no similar complaints about other 
printers on our server (we have 400+ printers).

If I print to file in Windows, and then send this file from Linux with 
"lp -o raw" it works. 

We're using this ppd:

CUPS 1.4.6. on the server.
Samba: Version 3.5.10-0.109

We're using the socket backend for almost all of our printers including this 
one. I tried the ipp and the lpd backend to see if that would make any 
difference, it didn't...

Any ideas about what could be causing this? Or how to to troubleshot?

I attach a file containing postscript I grabbed in /var/spool/cups, the 
result of trying to print (from Windows 7) a four copy print job.

Best regards,
Johan Bengtsson/Chalmers IT-service  
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