NEed help installing cups-filters, make install error, where can I get help?

Helge Blischke h.blischke at
Thu Nov 1 10:27:06 PDT 2012

Leon Goldman wrote:

>> Leon Goldman wrote:
>> > I recently installed CUPS 1.6.1 and can't print because of "usupported
>> > format". It was recommended I get the cups-filters and downloaded them
>> > and tried to build them. I got through 'make', but get errors with
>> > 'make install' which I do not understand and have no idea how to fix
>> > them. Where can I get help understanding this:
>> >
>> > [user is leon]$>make install
>> >   CCLD   parallel
>> > parallel-parallel.o: In function `main':
>> > /Data/Downloads/CUPS/cups-filters-1.0-20121031/backend/parallel.c:142:
>> >
>> > Any suggestion would be helpful. I have tried to Google the error, but
>> > nothing useful so far. Thank you.
>> You need the CUPS sources as well for compiling.
>> Helge
> Thank you. I apologize if this is a duplicate post, but I am not sure my
> reply the first time got posted. I also apologize for my ignorance, but I
> had built and installed the CUPS 1.6.1 tarball before trying to build the
> cups-filters. Is not the tarball, the CUPS sources? Do I need to do
> something different, other than building CUPS out of the tarball? Do the
> cups-filters have to be within the working directory from which I build
> Thank you.

The build system for cups-filters uses the cups-config utility to determine 
the directories etc. and assumes the cups header files to reside in
If you built cups with a special prefix (--prefix=somedir as a configure 
option), you may need to specify this when running configure for the cups-


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