CUPS not showing network printer

Leon Goldman leon244 at
Sun Nov 4 02:15:50 PST 2012

CUPS had been showing the printer on my wife's computer,but this morning it stopped showing it and no longer allows me to login as root. Instead gives a 401 message: not authorized.

In teh error_log I see it browse the printer in question:
d [04/Nov/2012:05:12:29 -0500] process_browse_data(uri="ipp://", host="", resource="/printers/HP-Officejet-6200-series", type=2900e, state=3, location="phyllis' room", info="HP Officejet 6200 series", make_model="HP Officejet 6200 Series, hpcups 3.10.2rc1.9", num_attrs=2, attrs=0x7fa315ba3020)
D [04/Nov/2012:05:12:29 -0500] process_browse_data: HP-Officejet-6200-series at not found...
d [04/Nov/2012:05:12:29 -0500] process_browse_data: HP-Officejet-6200-series found, type=102900e, hostname=

But nothing shows up in the web interface.
I tried removing the distro packages and reinstalling them, but the behavior did not change.

by the way, what is the significance of the 'D' and 'd' at the start of each log line?

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