test page fails to print

Leon Goldman leon244 at comcast.net
Sun Nov 4 08:52:24 PST 2012

> On Sun, 04 Nov 2012 05:39:29 -0800
> Leon Goldman articulated:
> > I am trying to set up a printer in a VM of Ubuntu. I access CUPS
> > 1.5.3, have installed the Brother drivers for my Brother MFCJ6710DW
> > and created the printer on usb:/  I have enabled the usb port for the
> > VM.
> >
> > However, when I try to print a test page, nothing happens. The job is
> > apparently successfully sent.
> >
> > Access log shows:
> > localhost - - [04/Nov/2012:08:33:47 -0500] "POST /printers/MFCJ6710DW
> > HTTP/1.1" 200 415 Print-Job successful-ok
> >
> > Don't see anything specific in the error.log
> >
> > Appreciate any suggestions you may have.
> I have a similar problem with a Brother MFC-9560CDW. The job is
> apparently sent, but nothing happens. An error message is displayed on
> the printer that says: "IGNORE DATA", but nothing else. A blank page
> is ejected. Of course, it works fine from Windows. If I use "nc" and
> send the job to the printer directly, it works fine. I might add, this
> is a network printer connected via TCP. No one on this list has been
> able to give me any assistance. I checked out the warning message on
> the Brother web page, but it doesn't apply here. I have all
> available memory installed. Anyway, it works, except with "cups",
> except when printing a "cups" test page. Very strange. Brother support
> doesn't support FreeBSD and said that they couldn't help me.
> Good luck.
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> Gerard ✌
> gerard at seibercom.net
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Thank you for replying. At least I don't feel so alone now. Sadly, I cannot print with other than CUPS. The printer is directly on a usb and not a network printer. When I send the test page the printer doesn't even flicker, so there is no error message from the printer screen. Also, there is nothing on the Brother page that helps. I'm still waiting to see if I get any help from Ubuntu. Good luck to you. Sorry you have had all the trouble you have had. Ciao.

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