Howto Convert images with Halftone to non-postscript in a speudo-postscript printer

Senen senenvidal at
Wed Nov 7 01:14:17 PST 2012

Would like to know if CUPS can print halftones plot in a postscript printer is emulated. Because if I print to a printer that does not use PostScript language works correctly but when you print to this printer (Epson WP-4095), which I have discovered that this is not an true PostScript printer, the prints as a plain gradient.
I tried changing the file filters in printers.conf but not sure how to make these to work.
The idea would be to force sending CUPS printer postscript plot as an image to try not to translate it and print postscript plot incorrectly.

Thank you in advance to anyone with any occurrence.
A greeting.

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