Unable to print from usb Brother printer

Leon Goldman leon244 at comcast.net
Wed Nov 7 06:39:02 PST 2012

> I am running Mandriva 2011. I have built and installed cups 1.6.1 and cups-filters 1.0.24 from the tarball; I installed the Brother drivers.
> I can add the printer to cups via 'administration', but when I do there is no 'usb' choice nor any 'local printers, so I set it up at usb://Brother/MFCJ6710DW and proceed through the choices, pick the driver and create it. But, when I try a test page or try to print a text document nothing happens.
> Nothing in the error_log points to the problem.
> lpinfo -v:
> network ipp
> network lpd
> network http
> network ipps
> network https
> network socket
> network beh
> Printer is clearly visible in lsusb and the /dev/bus/usb for the printer is set up with access set to '660' and to group 'lp'; have added myself and root to the group 'lp'.
> usblp is not loaded as a module in the kernel
> Printer is plugged in and actually will print from an Ubuntu VM.
> Access log shows that the Print job was successful, but in fact nothing is printed:
> localhost - - [07/Nov/2012:07:55:53 -0500] "POST /printers/Brother_Printer HTTP/1.1" 200 391 Print-Job successful-ok"
> Appreciate any suggestions. Thank you in advance.
Further information:
usb backend is present, but usb does not show up as a choice when 'Add Printer' is run.  Running /usr/lib/backend/usb from a command line results in nothing printed out to the console.

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