how to get printers on mac os 10.8 from a linux cups in a different subnet

franz.pfoertsch.brose franz.pfoertsch at
Wed Nov 7 09:42:06 PST 2012


I am running since years a central printserver in the Datacenter.
this machines is running SLES 11 sp1 with a cups 1.3.9.

Some Apple Macintoshes get the printer from this server via browsepoll.
There was no work, the user had only to connect the right printer

This was working really fine until Mac OS X 10.8. At 10.8 cups 1.6svn is running on this machines. At cups 1.6 cupsbrowsing is removed.

What is the offical way to connect from the Mac OS 10.8 WS to the server?
There must be a better way, as to configure the printqueues local on the WS!

why was this feature removed? This break my hole installation!
Is there a way to enable a smiliar feature, which I do not know?


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