[cups.general] Policy configuration, mixed mode access (user or IP address)

Alan Brown ajb2 at mssl.ucl.ac.uk
Wed Nov 7 10:27:26 PST 2012

Is there a way to limit access to ("trusted set of machines" OR "an 
authenticated user")?


print requests coming in from XYZ machine are using the same 
authentication space as the cups box, so no password check is necessary

Print requests coming in from ABC machine are not (it's a privately 
owned laptop), therefore the user must authenticate.

I tried this:

<Policy Foobar>
   <Limit Create-Job Print-Job Print-URI>
   Satisfy any
   Order deny,allow
   Allow x.x.x.x
   Allow y.y.y.y
   AuthType Default

But clearly I don't understand the syntax, because it doesn't work. :)

Additionally: Is there any way to include a file within the limit 
statement? (I tried "Include" here and got an error message.)

The "allow" list is dynamic and needs to be updated every day. Referring 
to a standalone file would be much cleaner than having to generate a 
complete policy file.

Thanks in advance.

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