how to get printers on mac os 10.8 froma linuxcups in a different subnet

franz.pfoertsch.brose franz.pfoertsch at
Wed Nov 7 13:34:09 PST 2012

Hello Michael,

thanks for your clearification!

Maybe some examples or howtos are usefull on!

In my situation with mac os x 10.8 I have configure statically by hand :-(

Is there any possibility to relay bonjour/avahi information across sub-net boundaries?

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> If you are supporting Active Directory via Linux, then you should be using some version of Samba on your servers to support the Windows clients.  Any Linux clients can either use BrowsePoll to the new servers (if the clients are still running CUPS 1.5 or earlier) or use statically-configured printers (lpadmin -p printer -E -v ipp://servername/printers/printername) to get equivalent functionality (all versions of CUPS).  If the clients are still running older versions of CUPS, BrowsePoll and BrowseRelay will still work when pointed at the new servers.
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