Authentication problems - partially solved

Bernd Eggink monoped at
Tue Nov 13 14:54:39 PST 2012

> I'm on Crux-2.8. I had no problems with the first CUPS 5.4 installation, which was compiled from the sources; no patches, no configuration changes, everything worked fine. When adding a printer through the web interface, I had to enter a root password, and the system's root password was accepted.
> Then, unfortunately, I played around with a different CUPS versions (6.1.1), and somehow managed to drive CUPS into a very strange state. Now my password is _never_ accepted, though it is 100% correct. And what really baffles me, this behaviour continues, even after removing CUPS completely (including /etc/cups, /var/run/cups, /var/cache/cups) and re-installing the same or another version. I probably am missing something. 2 questions:
> 1. How can CUPS be removed cleanly, so that really no setting survives?

This problem I solved myself. Following a sudden intuition, I closed Firefox, moved my ~/.mozilla directory away and started Firefox again. Bingo! No more authentication problems! Note that I had already cleared Firefox' cache and history, but to no avail.

> 2. I'd prefer to have no authentication at all, as I am the only user. How can this be done? I tried "DefaultAuthType None", but that didn't change anything.

This one I'm still interested in.


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