Server upgrade to Centos 6.3

Tig Kerkman tkerkman at
Tue Nov 13 16:08:16 PST 2012

We had a server upgrade from Centos 6.3  or  course with this comes the upgraded cups from 1.3.7  to cups-1.4.2.    I enjoy the new look and feel,  but I am having issues with our plain/text reports that we dump with start lp.   Especially the reports that we compressed and all the headings are CAPS.
lp -dxxxx -o cpi=17      Now the font is bold and it is compressed together.  No matter what I do  I cannot get those reports to print in an acceptable readable format.    I have in my notes from years ago to change the mime.conv  text/plain entry from texttopaps to texttops.   This no longer corrects these issues?  Can someone assist.


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