custom filters no longer work with 1.6.1

Paul Conklin paul.conklin at
Wed Nov 14 18:59:17 PST 2012

I know i have to be missing something obvious here.  I had started to troubleshoot this a while back and got pulled into something else, so just now getting back to it.
I have a series of fairly complex filters because a lot of the processing I do is based on the content and type of jobs, not just the type.  therefore i have a "bypass" set up which was working fine in 1.4.8, but with 1.6.1 it quits working.  the moment i revert back to 1.4.8 it works, so i'm sure i just need to change something in my process, but I don't know what

i am pretty sure this is my cause
d [14/Nov/2012:20:25:43 -0600] add_printer_formats: paul: text/plain not supported

my config is i have a paul.types and paul.convs in /etc/cups.  I see them load and register in the log file.  the paul.types is

the types file is just

the types is
<every type in mime.types including text/plain>  one example below
text/plain                      application/paul 0 -

and this line in my ppd
*cupsFilter:    "application/paul 0 paul"

so esentially it will pass everything to me un-touched, but something in 1.6.1 just doesn't like this setup.  Ideas?  Any help is much appreciated

[root at localhost cups]# lp -dpaul /test.txt
lp: Unsupported document-format "text/plain".

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