[cups.general] parallel printing / queues possible?

Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Thu Nov 15 07:51:18 PST 2012


On Nov 13 07:51 Michael Sweet wrote (excerpt):
> You can certainly have multiple queues, either classes pointing
> at the same printers or printers pointing to the same devices.
> You might have to do some juggling for Pykota to work in this
> setup, but CUPS won't have a problem with it.
> On 2012-11-13, at 4:58 AM, Denny Schierz <linuxmail at 4lin.net> wrote:
>> we have three printers for our studies and we using classes
>> for round robin and PyKota for quota, but at the same time
>> only one job is handled for printing, so it takes a lot of time,
>> if studies printing a lot. So I'm asking, if it is possible,
>> to hold two or more queues, so that all printers can printing
>> at the same time.
>> The client-only setup is used, on our Debian Squeeze desktops.

Only FYI:

You may also have a look at
how one could decouple the conversion into printer-specific data
(i.e. the filtering) from the actual printing at the printer.

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