[cups.general] parallel printing / queues possible?

Denny Schierz linuxmail at 4lin.net
Mon Nov 19 03:58:18 PST 2012


so in my case I would test the second idea:

Class left_localhost_only { hp_left_queue1, hp_left_queue2,hp_left_queue3,hp_left_queue4 -> Backend URI: socket://hp_left:9100 } 

Class right_localhost_only { hp_right_queue1, hp_right_queue2,hp_right_queue3,hp_right_queue4 -> Backend URI: socket://hp_right:9100  }  

Class ricoh_localhost_only { richo_queue1,richo_queue2,richo_queue3,richo_queue4 -> Backend URI: socket://ricoh:9100 }

but how to put all three classes into one (otherwise, the studies printing only to one printer) ? If I create 3 other queues which pointing to the class URI ( left_localhost_only,  right_localhost_only ....) and put them all into a forth class, which is public and used from the studies, I have also only one queue processing at one time again, or not? 

And what about Pykota? Do I have to add all printer queues ?

other idea: 

put all {left_localhost_only* and right_localhost_only* ... } to on class like name "queue_pool". Only problem: I loosing the option, to select "duplex ...." on the printer menu from Gnome etc, but this is a another thread on the Cups list, only fixing it by create a Postscript printer with the class as backend URI.

@pykota list: http://www.cups.org/str.php?L4085 -> last post

cu denny

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