[cups.general] Scaling documents to different page sizes?

Alex Dyas adyas at linalis.com
Fri Nov 23 01:37:10 PST 2012


Env - Ubuntu 12.04, CUPS 1.5.3-0ubuntu4

Our aim is to give our users an easy way of scaling documents to different page sizes.  For instance, printing an OpenOffice text document created as A4, scaled up to A3 paper.  Or printing a PDF originally created as A5 onto A4 paper, scaled accordingly.

We have been looking for some time now on a consistent way to do this, and so far we have not found a good solution.  Does anyone have any advice?  Seems to be quite a simple requirement.  The solution needs to be driver and application independent.  We have a substantial number of different printers in our environment, and we'd like a solution that works from any application that can print.

The closest we have come is creating CUPS printer instances with specific options, but it seems that printer instances are not fully supported by all applications, so we have abandoned this avenue.

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