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Johannes Meixner jsmeix at suse.de
Fri Nov 23 06:33:00 PST 2012


On Nov 22 09:19 jarlaxl wrote (excerpt):
> i wasnt able to find  driver for the NRG MP 2000L
> but used the MP 2000 drivers
> I dont know if the printer is a pcl printer. it is
> likely a ddst printer with drivers for pcl5e and pcl 6
> for windows machines.

It is crucial that you find out which standard printer language(s)
the NRG MP 2000L printer supports directly and that you use a
driver under Linux that emits such a standard printer language.

I don't know about ddst but if this is the only printer language
that the NRG MP 2000L supports directly there is probably
no (free software) Linux driver for ddst printers.

Inspect the specification of your NRG MP 2000L or ask the manufacturer
or vendor which printer language(s) your printer understands directly.

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