An idea how to provide CUPS Browsing for CUPS 1.6

Bob R br4email-cups at
Sat Nov 24 15:39:59 PST 2012

> Does anyone have any suggestions? Is there anything I can do so CUPS 1.6 client works with the CUPS 1.5 server?

Ooops, I should have said CUPS 1.6 client and CUPS 1.4 server.

more info: in my 1.4 error log, there are:
Unknown browse protocol "dnnsd" ignored!

I have re-done my terminal commands, "cupsctl BrowseLocalProtocols=dnssd" but it still doesn't work. Also, if I "cupsctl --share-printers" sticks CUPS back in.

and also this, but it may be from trying to manual add the printer
Need to set BrowseLDAPDN to use LDAP browsing

I have spent way too many hours/days on this.

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