Only one copy when printing with samba

Helge Blischke h.blischke at
Tue Nov 27 09:21:11 PST 2012

Johan Bengtsson wrote:

> Helge Blischke wrote:
>> That is a combined CUPS/SAMBA configuration issue. Obviously, your
>> Windows originating jobs are tagged as "application/postscript"
> Yes, I checked that.
>> by cupsd on the
>> server and then piped through the usual filter chain which causes the
>> pstops (or the pdftopdf) filter to insert the default options known to
>> the server into the job. As the number of copies defaults to 1 unless
>> explicitely specified, the copies spec set by Windows gets overwritten.
>> As you say printing the Windows originating jobs with "-o raw", I'd
>> suggest to add
>> cups options = "raw"
>> to your smb.conf, which forces those Windows jobs as raw through CUPS.
> OK, we recently upgraded our server, and it seems we had this option
> enabled on the old server. But I don't think we will enable it again on
> the new server, according to one of my colleagues this causes JCL to stop
> working.
only if you use the "cups_for_windows" package on your Windows box(es), as 
that emits JCL commands as "%cupsJobTicket:" comments at the beginning of 
the PostScript stream. I'd recommend to use the native Windows spooler 
package which emits the usual "@JCL..." commands preceding the PS stream in 
combination with "cups options = "raw" " in smb.conf.
> Strange that it's only this printer that's causing trouble?
>> PS: another approach, which I myself did some time ago, would be to
>> modify the pstops filter to not to insert the local defaults into windows
>> jobs, but that would be repeated after every cups update, so I don't
>> recommend it.
> Would be great if I had a fix that could be applied only to this
> particular printer...throwing it in the garbage bin would of course be
> one;-)
> -Johan B

Helge Blischke

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