[cups.general] CUPS broke upon upgrade frm OpenBSD4.9 to 5.0; current issue 'WS INVALID PERS'

Damon Getsman damo.gets at gmail.com
Tue Nov 27 09:42:10 PST 2012

  Greetings, everyone.
  Upon upgrading from OpenBSD4.9 to OpenBSD5.0 something has broken my CUPS
configuration.  I've been fighting with it all morning and I guess I don't
have a clue what to do with it to restore my ability to print.
  When I first woke up this morning my issue was originally "Unsupported
format 'application/vnd.cups-banner'!" when I was trying to print a test
page.  It moved on and gave me another error at some point complaining
about not having the permissions to be able to access /dev/lpt0, so I
changed the permissions on the device in order to allow cupsd to access it.
  I must've fought with the http port 631 GUI for like 45 minutes before I
had enough coffee this morning to figure out that I can only log in as the
administrator from the server running cupsd itself; once I got there I was
still unable to really do anything.  I switched from the driver that has
been working for me and my HP LaserJet 4xxx for quite awhile now back and
forth to another driver that I've had in the /etc/cups/ppd directory for
some reason.  That didn't work, obviously.
  After awhile I tried saving the configuration file directory and
downgrading the cups version that I had upgraded to with the system upgrade
(1.4.7) to the previous version (1.4.6) (I believe those version numbers
are correct, anyway).  No luck, but the error messages have changed.
  It seems like it's actually trying to print the jobs now without giving
me any crap (part of what helped was making sure that I was matching the
cups-pdf package to the same generation as the cups package itself, duhhh
to me again).  Unfortunately something weird is happening at the printer
itself now that the jobs are going to it.  Each time I send any type of job
to it (test page, pure text, .PNG graphics file) I end up seeing 'WS
INVALID PERS' in the printer's status window (on the printer itself).  Each
job on the cups admin page says that it's processing since .... and then
after awhile disappears from the queue.  However nothing gets printed at
all and my printer sits with that error code on until I manually mash the
reset and continue buttons on there.
  Can anybody help me out here?  I'm thankful for pointers to good
resources, troubleshooting tips, or anything that might help in the
slightest.  I've got an appointment tomorrow that I really need to print
off a lot of my scanned documents for (it's a very urgent situation) and I
don't have any money for taking the documents on a thumb-drive to Staples
or Office Depot or anything of the sort to see if they can print the stuff
off for me.
  Again, I greatly appreciate any help that anyone can provide.  Thank you
guys.  Please don't hesitate to let me know if you need more information,
I'm not sure what level of log output is needed and what is relevant here.
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