Raw printing on 1.4.2

Kenneth Edgar ken.edgar at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 13:37:49 PST 2012

I'm working on migrating 1.1.22 cups on RHEL 4 to cups 1.4.2 on RHEL6 and have come across an issue with the raw driver.  I'm not sure if I'm missing something, a package, a filter, a mime type configuration... etc.

On the old server, most printers are setup to use raw.  Test pages print properly including the logo images.  If I setup the same printer using raw in 1.4.2 on RHEL6, I get a page of text that looks like a template for the test page.

Show printer-name printer-info printer-location...

If I use a foomatic driver that's closest to this printer, I get a proper test page.

Any suggestions?  I have 300+ printers to migrate, and for simplicity sake I'd rather not have to figure out what model each is and test to validate that a foomatic or gutenprint driver functions properly for our needs.


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