Raw printing on 1.4.2

Helge Blischke h.blischke at acm.org
Wed Nov 28 14:23:35 PST 2012

Kenneth Edgar wrote:

> I'm working on migrating 1.1.22 cups on RHEL 4 to cups 1.4.2 on RHEL6 and
> have come across an issue with the raw driver.  I'm not sure if I'm
> missing something, a package, a filter, a mime type configuration... etc.
> On the old server, most printers are setup to use raw.  Test pages print
> properly including the logo images.  If I setup the same printer using raw
> in 1.4.2 on RHEL6, I get a page of text that looks like a template for the
> test page.
> Show printer-name printer-info printer-location...
> If I use a foomatic driver that's closest to this printer, I get a proper
> test page.
> Any suggestions?  I have 300+ printers to migrate, and for simplicity sake
> I'd rather not have to figure out what model each is and test to validate
> that a foomatic or gutenprint driver functions properly for our needs.
> Thanks,
> Ken

Up to cups 1.3.x, the test page was a PostScript file which could be printed 
even to raw queues. But starting with 1.4.x, the test page is a template the 
user (cups administrator) can modify with respect to the information 
printed. This template needs to be converted to the printer's final document 
format by the cups filter chain, the first of which must be the bannertops 
or bannertopdf filter, so printing this test page to raw queues does no 
longer succeed.

I attach the cups 1.3.11 test page which you may print to your raw queues 
using the lp or lpr command.


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