[cups] [UNKN] STR #4320: Strange problem with CUPS on a Linux (CentOS 5.10) LAN

Robert Heller heller at deepsoft.com
Sat Dec 21 14:59:35 PST 2013

At Sat, 21 Dec 2013 09:00:21 -0800 (PST) cups-devel at cups.org wrote:

> [STR Unresolved]
> Robert,
> We don't provide general support in the CUPS.org bug database - it is for
> tracking bugs.  And more specifically CUPS browsing was dropped in CUPS 1.6
> and is no longer supported here.  So to be clear, I am closing this bug but
> am happy to keep working with you offline or on the CUPS mailing list to
> help find a solution. (I am off for the Christmas/New Year's break, so my
> responses will likely be delayed...)

I'm off as well.  We are stuck at 1.3.7, since that is the version supplied by 
RHEL/CentOS 5.  If browsing is dropped, how does printer sharing via cups 
work?  Do you have to explicitly configure the shared printers?  Why was 
browsing dropped?

> If you set the LogLevel on the affected system to "debug2", you will see
> logging of any browse messages that are seen.  Similarly, that log level on
> the server will tell you what browse messages are sent and where.  (I don't
> recommend leaving the log level at debug2 since it is VERY chatty)

The server's cupsd.conf already had LogLevel set to debug2 and I just upped 
the client machines to debug2.  We shall see...

> More than likely this is a network configuration error.  Less likely is a
> physical network issue (bad cable/switch/port) - there I would expect to
> see other issues, especially for a diskless client.

What sort of network configuration error that only affects *one* machine.  The 
diskless clients get the network set up via DHCP in the init ramdisk and they 
all use the same init ramdisk, so either they are all wrong (in which case 
none should work) or are all right (in which case they should all work).  With 
only one have *intermittent* problems, it is strange.  As you suggested, a 
*physical* network problem would cause other (very obvious) problems, which 
don't *seem* to be happening.  The problem is very specific, which *suggests* 
a specific problem, but nother pops up.

> Link: https://www.cups.org/str.php?L4320
> Version: 1.3.8
> Fix Version: None

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