[cups] Only able to print from CUPS web interface ("filter failed" error otherwise)

Helge Blischke helgeblischke at web.de
Wed Nov 5 12:46:59 PST 2014

> Am 05.11.2014 um 20:28 schrieb Mario Sanchez Prada <mario at endlessm.com>:
> Hi,
> Today I hit a strange problem after installing the Canon specific driver
> for my Canon PIXMA MG4150 printer (cnijfilter-mg4100) in my Fedora 20
> Linux laptop, whenever I try to print anything from anywhere other than
> the CUPS web interface.
> To narrow this issue down a bit, I managed to reproduce it with the very
> simple use case of printing the "CUPS test page": if I try to print it
> from either system-config-printer or gnome-control-center, the printing
> job will immediately get stopped, and if I look in the "Jobs" section
> from the CUPS web interface I can clearly see a "Filter failed" error
> message. If, however, I do it from the CUPS web interface in
> localhost:631 after authenticating myself with my user credentials (my
> user belongs to the lpadmin), then the test page prints perfectly fine
> (and quite better than with the previous CUPS+gutenprint driver).
> Looking at the output of the systemd journal I can't see why the filter
> (in /usr/lib/cups/filter and with the right permissions) is failing,
> although I can see these other messages logged (which do not show up
> when I print right from the web interface), suggesting it might be an
> authentication problem somehow:
>  cupsd[640]: [Client 30] No authentication data provided.
>  cupsd[640]: [Client 30] 2.0 Get-Job-Attributes 23
>  cupsd[640]: Get-Job-Attributes ipp://localhost/jobs/47
>  cupsd[640]: [Client 30] Returning IPP successful-ok for
> Get-Job-Attributes (ipp://localhost/jobs/47) from localhost
>  cupsd[640]: [Client 30] Content-Length: 111
> I've been trying to make it work with little success for now, but I
> still couldn't figure out what exactly the problem might be, and I'm not
> even sure at this point whether the logging files above might be a red
> herring. Still, I thought I might ask here, just in case someone here
> might have any clue or advice on where I could look into.
> For the sake of completeness, the running version of CUPS on my system
> is 1.7.1, the Nickname in the PPD file that I'm trying to use is "Canon
> MG4100 series Ver.3.90" and the cups related lines in that file are as
> follows:
>  *cupsFilter: "application/vnd.cups-postscript 0 pstocanonij"
>  *cupsManualCopies: True
>  *cupsModelNumber: 388
>  *cupsVersion: 1.2
> Thanks in advance, any help will be greatly appreciated,
> Mario


I suspect it is due to your filter/mime configuration. Please do the following:
–	execute
	cupsctl —debug-logging
–	print a test job e.g. using your system-config-printer or the gnome control center,
	and save the job ID
–	extract the messages that refer to the test job (containing „Job nnn“ where nun is the job OD)
	from /var/log/cups/error_log
–	execute cupsctl —no-debuglogging if you want
–	post the extracted log portion.


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